Contract Manufacturing

AOP’s contract manufacturing capabilities allow our customers to streamline their businesses. We pride ourselves on high quality and on time output. Also, because we are a distributor and can get the best prices on components, we can past that savings onto you, the customer.

How we do it:

On the front end of the cycle we handle the purchasing, receiving inspections, handling, and storage of the components needed to build your assemblies or subassemblies.

Before any work goes to the shop floor, we develop documented assembly and testing procedures. New projects are assigned to a project engineer for a first article build. They are responsible for ensuring all requirements are not only met, but accurately documented as well.

Work in process is tracked through our production department and reviewed by production management to ensure all requirements are being met. After the build is complete, it is fully inspected and tested as required.

When the product is shipped to you it’s ready to be used. We work with you to determine the packaging solution that best fits your needs. We provide everything from individually boxed product with custom labeling to bulk packaging in reusable containers. And, we understand you need the product JIT – not early or late!

Less purchasing, less receiving, less labor, less problems! We specialize in turning all those fixed costs into variable costs, based on your actual needs. Your costs move with your volume — with less wasted resources and more time to focus on developing your business.