Festo Authorized Distributor

Festo Corporation is a multinational pneumatic & electric automation technology manufacturer. Established in 1925, the Festo Group has now expanded to more than 170 countries worldwide. They currently employ more than 18,000 employees helping provide reliable and outstanding products and services.

One of the key principles that Festo Corporation believes in is providing “innovative, resource-efficient and sustainable” products. They embody this principle in everyday decision-making and through all processes across the company. Even the design and structure of their headquarters in Esslingen, Germany was made to be both environmentally and efficient.

By combining sustainability and creativity, Festo believes that they can improve the lives of people worldwide without compromising Mother Earth. Sustainability assures that the resources the present generation enjoys will also benefit the generations yet to come. This long-term vision is what propelled Festo into becoming one of the leading manufacturing companies worldwide.

Quality In Every Step Of The Way

For the people behind Festo Corporation, quality means customer satisfaction. The company strives for excellence in every design, process, and controls they apply to their products. However, their dedication to quality covers not only their products but also the overall perception customers have for the company.

Festo describes this practice as a holistic quality which means applying quality measures to every part of the company both internally and externally. They employ quality management by training every single one of their staffs to internalize what every single customer expects, defect-free products and tailored services.

Providing Impetus For The Automation Of The Future

Festo Corporation allots at least 8% of their annual revenue for research and development to create innovative solutions for their customers. It is one of the highest R&D allocations among manufacturing companies worldwide. As a result, they produce over a hundred new inventions every year with more than 2600 patents now under their name.

Because of their commitment to innovation, the products they supply provide their clients with clear competitive advantage. In fact, they even won the German Future Award in 2010. The German Future Award is one of the most prestigious awards conferred for innovation and science in Germany.

Various Industries And Products Of Festo

In 1925, Festo Corporation started solely as a manufacturer of wood cutting tools and equipment. However, as the demand for automation grew, they decided it was high time to serve a broader market and go with the flow of modernization.

With their expansion, they now serve more than a dozen industries such as the automotive industry, assembly and test industry, food and beverage, chemical industry, textile, and process automation. They also produce products for those in the electronics industry, biopharma and cosmetics, solar industry, and medical technology.

Under these industries are various products tailored to the varying needs of customers such as:

  • Pneumatic actuators
  • Electromechanical drives
  • Grippers
  • Handling systems
  • Valves
  • Valve manifolds
  • Sensors
  • Image processing systems
  • Compressed air preparation
  • Air supply components
  • Electric cables and connectors
  • Control technology
  • Other pneumatic equipment
  • Ready-to-install solutions

Here at AOP technologies we also believe that every single company should embody quality and sustainability. That is why we proudly supply products directly from Festo Corporation to our clients who want to have the edge over their competitors. You can view our available Festo product by visiting our online shop.  Contact us to learn more or if you need to order product that we do not currently have in stock.