Gast JUN-AIR Distributor

Logo Of Gast And Jun Air ManufacturingGast Manufacturing is one of the leading producers of air moving products such as pumps, compressors, and air motors. They offer a comprehensive line of products including compressors, vacuum pumps, gear motors, air motors, vacuum generators and regenerative blowers. All of which are tailored to meet the specific needs of their clients.

Established almost a hundred years ago, the knowledge pooled by the people behind Gast Manufacturing has helped them create the best products in the market. Their willingness to innovate has also brought them to the top of the supply chain. Gast Manufacturing is and will continue to be on top of the mind of anyone looking for reliable and efficient air-based equipment.

Global Leader In Innovation And Design

Producing high quality and durable products is no easy task. It is a struggle that every manufacturer faces, with most of them failing before they even get back their investments. Gast Manufacturing was able to win this uphill battle by instilling discipline and competence in every single person employed by their company.

Gast continually improves their customer services by having their people undergo intensive and value-adding training. They also show their trust on their employees by letting them engage and contribute in some decisions. Their high employee engagement motivates everyone in their organization to do their best.

Besides their employees, another factor in Gast’s success is their extensive knowledge of pneumatic products. Their managers also have a deep understanding of the ever-changing needs of the market. This combination allows them to become flexible enough to adapt to any changes and produce new products quickly to cater to new demand.

Gast Manufacturing and Jun-Air

Jun-Air is the quiet air compressor division of Gast Manufacturing. It was acquired by Gast back in 2006 creating one of the largest compressor manufacturers in the United States. Gast Jun-Air currently employs around 350 employees in their air-moving products division. As of today, Jun-Air sells their products to more than 100 countries.

Jun-Air currently has two main product lines, namely the Quiet & Clean Air, and Quiet Air. Quiet & Clean Air is a line of innovative oil-less air pumps that produce minimal noise of as low as 65 decibels. Quiet Air products, on the other hand, are as silent as the Quiet & Clean Air products. However, they still utilize the traditional oil-lubricated pistons for activities that require heavy duty machinery.

AOP Technologies believes that Gast and Jun-Air products are genuinely like no other. Our personal experience in using their products has convinced us of the dedication and hard work placed in every one of their products. With that said, AOP Technologies offers various Gast and Jun-Air products in our portfolio. You can avail of their products by giving us a call or checking our online shop.