Omron Distributors

Logo of Omron Industrial AutomationOmron Corporation is a Japan-based electronics conglomerate company. It is one of the oldest electronics and innovation companies worldwide. Their main products which AOP represents consist mostly of electronics and automation components for various types of equipment.

Before its incorporation in 1948, Omron was already an established company under the name Tateishi Electric Manufacturing Company in 1933. The company’s founding father, Kazuma Tateishi built the company with a deep commitment to social issues and art. More than 80 years later, Omron still carries its promise to be a leader in furthering technology and society.

The Reliability And Innovativeness Of Omron Products

Kazuma Tateishi was a very innovative man. He invented various products that have laid the basic blueprint of many everyday things still used today. Knowing that only through innovation will our society move forward, he decided to instill the same principles on his company Omron.

For many years, Omron has been and still is the leading innovator of electronic products in various industries. It was Omron that invented the first ever gate ticketing system. Omron was also one of the first manufacturers of automated teller machines. ATMs have modernized the way we transact with banks today.

Besides innovation, the people behind Omron give great value to the satisfaction of their customers. They exhibit this by providing only top notch and reliable products that have undergone incredible amounts of testing. Their perfectionism is what has made companies worldwide recognize the reliability

Omron Business Divisions and Products

Although Omron first started out as primarily an electronics company, they have branched into a wide array of industrial and automated products. The company now supplies industrial, automotive, social systems, and healthcare products worldwide.

Some of their products which AOP sells are as follows:

Industrial Automation And Control

  • Control components
  • Electric power monitoring equipment
  • Safety components
  • Power supplies
  • Sensors
  • Switches
  • Relays
  • Programmable Logic Controllers

Electronic Components

  • Micro sensing devices
  • MEMS sensors
  • Switches
  • Connectors
  • Relays
  • Image sensing technologies

AOP Technologies understands the importance of supplying excellent and reliable products to our clients. For this reason, we have partnered with Omron to distribute their products directly to you.  You can view which of their products are in our stock by visiting AOP Technologies’ online shop.  Contact us if you would like to purchase an item not in stock or to learn more about Omron.