Parker O-Ring Distributors

Logo Of Parker O-Ring DivisionParker is one of the leading manufacturers of O-rings and Seals worldwide.  O-rings are small to medium, or sometimes large, circular rings used to seal mechanical equipment or devices. It is the can be used for both static and dynamic applications where there is movement between the parts and the O-ring.

Parker O-Ring & Engineered Seals Division has been supplying businesses and other industries worldwide with excellent sealing parts for over 70 years. Their decades of experience have made them a leading innovator in the rubber, rubber-to-metal and rubber-to-plastic retained seals.

They cater to almost all industries such as agriculture, aerospace/military, automotive, consumer, heavy duty/diesel and general industrial. More specific industries such as fuel systems, marine engine, medical, and semiconductor also trust Parker to provide them with reliable and durable products.

Why Choose Parker’s O-Ring and Seal Products?

When you buy Parker products, you know that you’re getting only the best in the market. Parker’s O-Ring division uses advanced technologies and state-of-the-art equipment when designing and manufacturing their products. Simulations are also done to make sure their products are safe and effective.

The company’s decades of experience also helps them easily identify the needs of their customers. Parker has manufacturing facilities all over the world making their products easily accessible and cheaper for their customers. By partnering with distributors such as AOP Technologies their products can easily be availed with lesser freight expenses.

Parker also offers customized versions of their products to cater companies with specific industrial needs. They can change almost all aspects of their products such as the color, material, hardness, maximum working temperature and more.

Lastly, Parker’s manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001 certified ensuring you consistent and quality products. ISO 9001 is given by the International Organization for Standardization for companies that have shown a commitment to quality and consistency worldwide. They have also received other certifications such as TS 16949 and AS 9100.

Products Offered By Parker’s O-Ring and Seal Divisions

Parker has more than a hundred products available in their catalog. Their portfolio includes various O-rings, O-ring kits and accessories, custom piston seals, filter seals and more. They also offer customized products for companies that have specific requirements.

Their O-rings are available in a wide array of component material perfect for varying applications. They also have O-rings that can withstand extremely hot temperatures of up to 600 Fahrenheit or extremely cold temperatures of up to -100 Fahrenheit. The diameters of their O-rings are available from 0.029 to 26.004 inches.

Installing o-rings without the proper tools and accessories can damage the o-ring or your equipment. Parker offers kits and accessories for their O-rings such as O-ring lube, sizing cones, and installation tools. These are specially designed to work perfectly for almost all applications.

AOP Technologies has partnered with Parker’s O-Ring Division to provide our customers with top-notch and reliable products. We offer varying sizes and color of Parker o-rings to our clients across the country. Contact us to learn more or to place an order!