Twintec Distributors

Logo Of Twintec IncorporatedWhen it comes to multi-tube connectors, no other brand stands out more than Twintec. They are the leading producers of multi-tube connectors for quick connect and disconnects for pneumatic and air hose applications.

What Makes Twintec Products The Best?

Easy Assembly And Disassembly

An efficient manufacturing process is an essential element of any manufacturing business. Unlike other brands, Twintec’s multi-tube connectors allow a fast changeover of panel mounts and inline connections. This unique feature allows a reliable, efficient and hassle-free assembly and disassembly of polyurethane and nylon tubes.

The unique design of Twintec products prevents misalignment during connection to the smallest margin. Twintec products and accessories are also highly compatible with each other making replacements unbelievable easy. Twintec’s vast array of connector products makes it easier for anyone to find the most suitable one for them.

Unique Adaptor System

Twintec multi-tube connectors are bundled together using a durable jacket adaptor system. The engineers in Twintec designed the products in such as way that installation and removal are possible even in dark or hard to see environments. Connection mistakes and installation time is also reduced thanks to Twintec’s unique jacket adaptor.

Durable No Matter What

Twintec products are made to withstand the toughest and harshest working environments. Unlike their competitors, Twintec’s multi-tube connectors are reinforced with solid aluminum to protect them from any damage. Its design also helps maintain its cabinet integrity making it suitable for various industrial applications.

Wide Array Of Products To Choose From

Manufacturing businesses often have different needs from each other. That is why it is crucial for them to have access to products that could cater to their specific needs. Twintec offers various products and accessories in different styles and sizes. Some of the accessories sold by Twintec include jacket adaptors, dust covers, blanking plug, sockets and more.

Available Almost Anywhere

Twintec understands that it is next to impossible for them to distribute their products on their own across the US. For this reason, they have partnered with dozens of distributors over several states to give their customers access to their products. Regardless, clients may still contact them directly for inquiries regarding products bought from distributors.

What Products Does Twintec Offer?

Threaded Ports

Twintec offers two main products, the first one which is their Threaded Port Connectors. A threaded port utilizes a screw-type system to connect multiple tubing. They are best for projects that require different sizes, and types of tubing. Twintec recommends their Threaded Port Connectors for those who are still in the prototype stage.


Twintec’s Push-to-Connect Series, on the other hand, features quick and easy-to-install connectors. This type of connector is ideal where the manufacturer uses only one size of tubing for each connector. The Push-to-Connect series saves time and simplifies installation by removing the need to mount fittings. Manufacturers can use this type of connector on common tubing materials including polyurethane and nylon.

Twintec Accessories

Twintec offers various accessories such as jacket adaptors, dust covers, blanking plug, sockets and more. Their jacket adaptors protect tubing connectors from corrosive materials and other factors that may damage it. They also offer dust covers for connectors of all sizes. Lastly, Twintec sells blanking plugs and sockets to help users separate tubing lines.

AOP Technologies share Twintec’s sentiment on quality and excellence. Because of this, we are committed to providing only the best products and services the market can offer. That is why we have partnered with them to provide you with their products. Call us now to know which Twintec products we offer!